"oh snap"
8.5” x 11”
acrylic on cardstock

up for grabs if anyone’s interested.


"smells like sig-uh-retts"


a couple dudes just hangin out.
#wip #painting


#green is my favorite color.

lawgs are comin’ along.
#wip #logs

these will be logs.

finally finished this guy

"better not"
26” x 42.5”
acrylic on wood


I’m honored to share that i’m working with one of my favorite comedians, Marc Maron, on a weekly series of one-panel comics which run in conjunction with new episodes of his show MARON on IFC.

Tune in to IFC Thursdays @ 10/9c for MARON, and visit me here the next day for my recap strips!


Got to go to a Daniel Clowes exhibit today with bearhell

saw an original beetle bailey strip today.

almost done with this dude.

so appropriate and i love this movie.

came across an ominous structure while wandering around some trails in the woods today.

he’s comin along nicely.
#wip #daboodeebaboodie